Welcome to Tiny Empire!

Hi, my name is Rob. I love teaching, encouraging and motivating people on how to create their own freelance design empire. It’s a pleasure working with people who love the power of shape, color, texture and design. It’s ability to communicate, persuade, direct and engage people is a large part of my fascination with the field. That and I was always the quirky, creative, artsy fartsy type growing up. I enjoyed bright clothes, loud colors, being different and being proud of it.

This led to being involved in things like theater, photography, playing music and designing graphics for local high school bands as well as local small businesses.

Everybody needs some sort of design work done so it’s a great industry to get into. Everybody needs a good looking logo, brochure or website designed.

I’m happy you stumbled across my website because I hope to bring you tons of amazing information, guides and case studies that will definitely blow your socks off!

Please be sure to bookmark my website and stop by every so often. I’d love for you to become a regular visitor to my little part of the internet.


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